The Maria Lousia Georgiana Feaster Photo Album


This "Carte de Visite" album was originally given to Maria Louisa Georgiana Feaster by a beau, Charlie Radcliffe, just before he left for service in the Civil War. Lula added her own photographs to the album and made minor notations to identify them. As the album passed from hand to hand, family members added photographs of Lula's relatives and descendents.

Marginal notes by various family members, most notably Cleora "Cle" Clowney Hall, provided additional information about each individual and allowed us to locate them within the family tree. Notes on the back of many photos gave clues to the relationships among these individuals, and often revealed their fate. Without these notes, it would have been very difficult to identify many of these people.

I am in the process of placing copies of all the pages from the Feaster album online. Each image will show a view of the album page at the top with copies of the individual Carte de Visite placed below. If the card had printing or notes on the reverse side those images will be included.

It will take me a while to get all the images online so please be patient.

When sharing the images please keep them intact (no cropping) so the full information is retained.

Please look at our copyright page for the terms of use.

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Lewis Radcliffe and Susie Bowers.

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