Copyright Information

  You are free to use these images for any personal, non-profit use, subject to the following restrictions:

No money should ever be charged for the images. The images must remain free for anyone to use for personal use. These images are not to be posted behind a "paywall" (a site that charges a fee for access).

If you post copies of these images in any public place or web site, please give credit to James L. Young for scanning and posting the original image, and also provide a link to, where the original images were obtained.

Removal of the information frame around the image, or removal or alteration of watermarks or logos is not permitted without written permission.

If the original images had credits, please reproduce those credits on any redistribution.

Some images are of material owned by other family members, and I cannot give permission for you to reproduce them. You must get such permission from the original owners and give the owners credit for sharing the images. Such images are clearly identified.

Please note: I will never ask anyone money for using these images. I simply want credit given to those who have shared their material, and to prevent misuse.

Any for-profit use is expressly prohibited without permission: Permission will not be withheld for any reasonable use, such as for a book on family history.

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Except where noted, all images are from the Clowney-Cato Collection.©