Photo: Maria Louisa Georgiana Feaster and Virgil P. Clayton

Maria Louisa Georgiana Feaster and Virgil P. Clayton.

Source: Lula Feaster Album
Medium: Tin Type in embossed mount
Album Notes:
Lula Feaster- Virgil Clayton
Born 9-6-1847
Died 10-27-1931

Mothers mother and cousin Virgil Clayton
Grand Ma , Maria Lousia Georgana Feaster Wolling
Cousin Virgil was a beau -- Grand Pa "cut him out" and they were married on Thursday, Nov . 27th- 1872- Thanksgiving day (C Hall).
The last anniversary was their 58th and strange as it was, it came on Thanksgiving day-
Grand Pa remarked to me, as I reminded him of the affair, "and I guess our last one."

Maria Louisa Georgiana "Lula" Feaster (right; 1847-1931) with a beau, Virgil Clayton, in the early 1870's.

She married a different beau, John George Wolling, on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 27, 1872. They celebrated their 58th and last wedding anniversary together on Thanksgiving, 1930.

Lula Feaster is the teenage girl famed for the "burned spot" in Clanmore house, Fairfield County, South Carolina.*

During the War between the States, northern soldiers overran the property and one started a fire on the starway, then left to search for food. Lula extinguished the fire with water. When the soldier returned, he started a second fire, which Lula also extinguished. The house survived. Our family elders have seen the "burned spot".

* See p. 291 of "A Fairfield Sketchbook" by Julian Stevenson Bolick, 1963 (reprinted by Fairfield County Historical Society, Winnsboro, South Carolina, USA in 2000) for a drawing of Clanmore.

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