Photo: Charles C. Radcliffe and Henry M. Orchard.

Henry Orchard and Charlie Radcliff

Back of photo.
Back of Photo.

Closeup of stamp.
Close up of tax stamp, "cancelled" with Lula Feaster's name stamp.

Source: Lula Feaster Album
Medium: Silver Albumin Carte de Visite
Studio: R. Wearn, Columbia S.C.
Printed: R. Wearn Artist Columbia S.C.
[Back of photo has stamp reading "US Internal Revenue three cents Proprietary
The stamp had been "cancelled" with Lula's personal stamp, which reads "Lula F."]
Album Notes:
Henry Orchard Charlie Radcliff
Grand Mother Wollings beau who gave her this album, and engraved the latches-

Charles "Charlie" C. Radcliffe was the son of watchmaker Thomas W. Radcliffe and Rebecca Gray of South Carolina. In the days before the Civil War, Charlie gave a photo (carte de visite) album to Maria Louisa "Lula" Georgiana Feaster, and had the latches engraved with his name and hers.

This photo in the album shows Charlie Radcliffe (standing) and his friend, Henry Orchard (seated). Both served the Confederacy in the 15th Regiment of the South Carolina Infantry, Company A, Columbia Rifles, commanded by Charlie's father. The unit was organized at Lightwood Knot near Columbia, South Carolina and entered service in September, 1861. Charlie continued service as a Private in the 2nd Rgt SC Cavalry, Company C which was organized in the summer of 1862.

Notes in the photo album say that Charlie was a prisoner of war, and during his captivity carved a crucifix in a bottle for "Lula". He survived the war. We continue to search for proof of his captivity, and welcome any further information on him.

Henry Orchard's father, William Henry Orchard, was born in England and was a co-founder of Columbia College for women in Columbia, South Carolina (HN 363 in the 1860 census).

For more on the Orchard family, go to this site.

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