Henry M. Orchard

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ID: I853
Last: Orchard
First: Henry
Middle: M.
Birth: ABT 1839 at South Carolina
Sex: M
Event: 15th Rgt. South Carolina Infantry, Company A, Columbia Rifles Military Service Sep 1861 Lightwoodknot Springs near Columbia, South Carolina 1
Notes: Henry Orchard and Charles C. Radcliffe appear in a Civil War era portrait in the photo album of Maria Louisa "Lula" G. Feaster of Fairfield Co., South Carolina. Charlie Radcliffe was an early beau who gave Lula the leather-bound photo album before the War Between the States. The album survived. It is being transcribed in order to share its information.

Henry Orchard and Charlie Radcliffe both served the Confederacy in the 15th Regiment South Carolina Infantry, Company A, Columbia Rifles - - under the command of Charlie's father, Captain Thomas W. Radcliffe.

Henry Orchard's father, William Henry Orchard, was born in England and was a co-founder of Columbia College for women in Columbia, South Carolina (HN 363 in the 1860 census). W.H. Orchard defended the school when Columbia was burned near the end of the Civil War.

William Henry Orchard had previously served as an "Instructor in Music - Piano, Guitar, Organ, and Harp" at Limestone Springs Female High School in Spartanburg District, organized by the Revs. T. Curtis and W. Curtis. (Source: lib.limestone.edu/pdffiles/Chapter_4.pdf).

We thank ORCHARD family researcher, Gary Hardy, for sharing this family's history online:
Sources: 2
1 Title: Internet
Page: Film M381, roll 26
Service record compiled from:
1) Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System, National Park Service http://www.itd.nps.gov/cwss/
2) Batson, Steve. South Carolina in the War Between the States. 17 May 2002. Available online http://wbts.scgenealogy.com/sc/infantry/reg15.htm
Text: Orchard, Henry M.
Confederate Infantry - 15th Rgt. SC Infantry
Private, Company A
Organized Sep 1861, Lightwoodknot Springs near Columbia, South Carolina
2 Title: Internet
Note: ORCHARD family researcher: Gary Hardy, Gary's Genealogy, http://thehardyparty.com/html/nti00056.htm

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