Photo: Azariah J. Boatwright and Mary Emily Clark

Azariah J. Boatwright and Mary Emily Clark.

Azariah Boatwright served in Co. K, 13th Regiment, South Carolina Volunteers and was a Mason. The Boatwrights had 4 sons and 4 daughters.

Mrs. Emily Clark Boatwright was very proud to be named for the Lexington county heroine of the Revolutionary War, Emily Geiger. She was an honorary member of the Leesville chapter, U.D.C.; she treasured and preserved family heirlooms and memories of visits to the historic home of her maternal grandparents, Molly and Joseph Lybrand. Even in later years she maintained interest in the family farm and regaled visitors with vivid stories of her ancestors.

My Mother Emmie Cato Pinson provided me with this image; we do know know the location of the original.

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