Mary Margaret Spratt

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ID: I62
Last: Spratt
First: Mary
Middle: Margaret
Birth: at Ireland
Death: BEF 1835 at Ireland 1
Sex: F
Marriage 1   John Clowney b: 1791 d: 4 Mar 1848
Wedding: BEF 1817 County Down, Ireland
1 Joseph Clowney b: Nov 1818 County Down, Ireland
2 Mary Clowney b: 24 Nov 1816 County Down, Ireland
3 Moses Clowney b: 30 Nov 1822 County Down, Ireland
4 John Clowney b: ABT 1833 County Down, Ireland
1 Repository:
  --Name: Fairfield Historical Society Museum
  --Address: Fairfield Historical Society
P.O. Box 93
Winnsboro SC 29180
Title: Hand written notes by Cleora Clowney Hall
Note: Mary Spratt was mother of John Clowney b. abt 1833, but not of William James Clowney b. abt. 1835. Her death year is therefore estimated to be before 1835.

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