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ID: I4
Last: Feaster
First: Nathan
Middle: Andrew
Birth: 8 Oct 1820 at Feasterville, Fairfield Co., South Carolina 1
Death: ABT Sep 1862 at Battle of Sharpsburg, Maryland 2
Burial: Sharpsburg, Maryland (body not recovered)
Sex: M
Notes: The family of Nathan Feaster (1820-1861) is mentioned in "Papers of the Coleman, Feaster, and Faucette Families, 1787-1943" , South Caroliniana Library, University South Caroliniana Society, Manuscrupts Collections. See webpage:
The following extract is from the webpage:
"Some discord in the Feaster family is implied in a memorandum of 5 July 1850 of "A. Feaster's Expences building Brick hous for son John CC Feaster & intended to be a hous Jointly for him JCC Feaster & his brother EH Feaster but they not agreeing I feel it my duty to make this statement to show that I have paid for said building...which JCCF must pay with Interest if he holds the house & one hundred acres of land...."

Nathan Andrew Feaster married three times. His daughter Maria Louisa "Lula" Georgiana Feaster maintained contact with several of her half-siblings, and kept photos of them in her photo album.

During the Civil War, N.A. Feaster served with 1st Regiment, South Carolina Infantry (Hagood's), which
entered Confederate service in April, 1861. Nathan was apparently one of the ca. 40 casualties of this unit at the bloody Battle of Sharpsburg (Antietem) on September 16-18, 1862, and was never heard from again. Nathan Feaster's last daughter, Hattie Harrison Feaster, married a descendant of the Hagood line.
Sources: 3 4
Mother: Mary Drucilla Norris b: 5 Apr 1800 d: 23 Aug 1878
Father: Andrew Feaster b: 25 Aug 1793 d: 15 Apr 1869
Marriage 1   Maria Louisa Rawls b: 6 Sep 1828 d: 13 Jul 1848
Wedding: 25 Nov 1846 South Carolina 5 6
1 Maria Louisa Feaster b: 6 Sep 1847 Columbia, South Carolina
Marriage 2   Emeline E. Brown b: 22 Mar 1837 d: 24 Jul 1855
1 Emaline Elizabeth Feaster b: BEF 24 Jul 1855 South Carolina
Marriage 3   Annette G. McClanahan b: ABT 1830 d: UNKNOWN
Wedding: 18 Dec 1856 Greenville, South Carolina 7 8
1 Samuel Nathan Feaster b: Nov 1857 Greenville Co., South Carolina
2 Harriet Harrison Feaster b: 1861 Greenville Co., South Carolina
1 Repository:
  --Name: South Carolina Department of Archives and History
  --Address: 1430 Senate St., P.O. Box 11,669, Columbia, SC 29211
  --Phone: (803) 734-8577
Title: Robert Coleman Family: From Virginia to Texas 1652-1965
Author: Coleman, James P., with the assistance of many others
Publication: Privately published by James P. Coleman, Ackerman, Mississippi, 1965; mfg. by Kingsport Press, Inc., Kingsport TN, 451 pp
Note: Also available on internet through:
Page: p. 305
Nathan Andrew Feaster, born October 8, 1820. Married (1st) Martha Louisa Rawls, November 25, 1846. She died 1848. (2nd) Emma Brown, who died 1855. (3rd) Annette McClanahan.
2 Repository:
  --Name: Nancy Jo Ross Smith, personal collection
Title: Diary of Margaret Narcissa Feaster 1860-1865
Author: High, Kathryn Scott, and Kathleen Coleman, eds.
Publication: Privately published. 75pp.
Note: Notes identify persons mentioned in Diary.
Page: p. 3
Text: Margaret Narcissa Feaster, 1839-1879.
Narcissa Feaster, the youngest of the eleven children born to Andrew Feaster III and his wife Mary DeSaussure Norris Feaster. Andrew and Mary married in Edgefield, Mary's home. They lived in Feasterville, a few miles from John and Drusilla Feaster's home. The house was one of the nicest in its day, and a portion of it was still standing in the [nineteen] fifties...
The war was hard on the family - - some of General Sherman's men rode their horses through the ground floor of the house where the kitchen was located. Nathan, a brother, was killed at the Battle of Sharpsburg, Maryland....
3 Title: 1850 U.S. Census, Richland Co., South Carolina
Publication: M432_858
Date: 11 Oct 1850
Page: p. 15-a
Note: Nathan A. Feaster, age 29, merchant, alone in HN333-FN339.
According to the slave schedule, N.A. Feaster owned 5 black slaves.
Neighbors: McGuinnis, Friday, McConnell (Amanda, age 15), Wells, Walker, Cook.
His first wife is dead, his dau Maria Louisa "Lula" in home of Rawls grandparents in Columbia, HN572/FN589.
Text: 1850 Slave Schedule
Owner: Nathan A. Feaster, South Carolina - Richland Co. - Columbia
Age Sex Color
40 Male Black
4 Male Black
28 Female Black
6 Female Black
6-months Female Black
4 Title: 1860 U.S. Census, Greenville Co., South Carolina
Publication: M653_1220
Date: 16 Sep 1860
Page: p. 463-B
Location: Oil Camp Township, Oil Camp Post Office, north of Greenville, SC. Oil Camp Creek runs below Caeser's Head in the picturesque mountains of northwestern South Carolina.
This is the last census containing Nathan Andrew Feaster, who died during the Civil War. Nathan Andrew Feaster, born in Fairfield Co., SC; with third wife Annette (McClanahan) Feaster of Greenville SC, and their child Samuel Feaster, probably named after Annette's father Samuel G. McClanahan Esq. of Greenville Co., SC. Also living with them are Nathan's children from his first and second wives, respectively: Maria "Lula" Feaster, dau by Maria Louisa Rawls; and Emma Feaster, dau by Emma Brown who was sister of Col. J. Newton Brown of Townville, Anderson Co., SC.
Text: HN1401/FN1274
Name Age Sex Color Occup Values Born
N. A. Feaster 39 M w Farmer 150/15,000 SC
Annette " 30 F w Housekeeper SC
Maria " 13 F w SC
Emma " 5 F w SC
Samuel " 2 M w SC
[Transcriber CMB]
5 Title: Tombstone
Note: Maria Louisa Rawls' crypt inscripton defines relationship to Nathan Feaster and infant daughter
6 Repository:
  --Name: Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society Library
  --Address: 1203 North Main
P.O. Box 1121
Wichita, KS 67201-1121
  --Phone: (316) 264-3611
Title: Ederington's History of Fairfield County, South Carolina
Author: Ederington, William
Publication: Publ. May 3, 1901 - July 9, 1902 In "News&Herald", Winnsboro, SC; reprint Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Willo Publishing~1960.
Call Number: R-70-18
Note: Manuscript history published in the News & Herald, a newspaper of Winnsboro,
Fairfield County, South Carolina, in installments, on the dates as indicated
with each installment herein /, Mrs. B.H. Rosson, Jr., compiler ; Mrs. A.H.
Maybin, chapter genealogist ; Mrs. G.D. Foxworth, state genealogist ; original
copy owned by Mrs. B.H. Rosson ; and copied by W.T. Castles, Jr. Tuscaloosam
[sic], Ala.
Text: Nathan A. Feaster, second son of Andrew, was thrice married; first to Maria Louisa Rawls, of Columbia, by whom he had one daughter, who married John G. Wolling, of Feasterville. His second wife was a Miss Brown, of Anderson County, a sister of Col. Newton Brown, by whom he had one daughter, who is now the wife of a Mr. Tribble, of the town of Anderson. This third wife was a Miss McClanahan of Greenville County. There are two children by this marriage now living in Greenville, a son and a daughter
7 Title: History of Edgefield County from the earliest settlements to 1897
Author: Chapman, John Abney, A.M.
Publication: Repr. 1980, The Reprint Co., Publ., Spartanburg, South Carolina 29304, from 1897 ed. publ. by E. H. Aull, Newberry, SC
Text: Biographical and anecdotical; with sketches of the Seminole War; Nullification; Secession; Reconstruction; churches and literature; with rolls of all the Companies from Edgefield in the War of Secession; War with Mexico and with the Seminole Indians.
Text: This third wife was a Miss McClanahan of Greenville County. There are two children by this marriage now living in Greenville, a son and a daughter
8 Title: Internet
Note: Marriage and Death Notices From the Up-Country of South Carolina as taken from Greenville newspapers 1826 - 1863 compiled by Brent H. Holcomb, C. A. L. S.
Listed on database: Greenville, South Carolina Marriage and Death Notices, 1826-63. URL:
[December, 1856]
Married on the 18th inst., by the Rev. T. D. Gwinn, Mr. N. A. Feaster, and Miss A. G. McClanahan, eldest daughter of S. G. McClanahan, Esq., all of Greenville. (ibid.)

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