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ID: I3
Last: Feaster
First: Maria
Middle: Louisa
Nickname: Lula
Birth: 6 Sep 1847 at Columbia, South Carolina 1
Death: 27 Oct 1931 at Shelton, Fairfield Co., South Carolina
Burial: Antioch Methodist Church cemetery, Feasterville, Fairfield Co., South Carolina 2 3
Sex: F
Notes: Lula Feaster is the teenage girl famously associated with the "burned spot" in Clanmore house, Fairfield County, South Carolina. See Clanmore on p. 291, "A Fairfield Sketchbook" by Julian Stevenson Bolick 1963, reprinted by Fairfield County Historical Society, Winnsboro, South Carolina, USA in 2000.

Lula married John George Wolling, on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 27, 1872. They celebrated their 58th and last wedding anniversary together on Thanksgiving, 1930 (according to a hand-written note by their grand-daughter Cleora Clowney Hall, who was with them).

Her mother died when Lula Feaster was an infant (1848).

By 1850, Lula Feaster lived in the home of her great-grandfather Benjamin Rawls (b. 1772) in Columbia, Richland Co., South Carolina. In addition to her great-grandparents, her grand-uncle Dr. Thomas Rawls age 34, lived in the house with his wife Mary Drucilla Feaster. "Aunt Drucie" was a grand-aunt to Lula by marriage, and also an aunt, because Drucie was a sister of Lula's father, Nathan Andrew Feaster.

Lula Feaster's father remarried twice and then died at the Battle of Sharpsburg, Maryland in 1861. Her father's elder brother, John Christopher Columbus Feaster, then became her guardian and managed her inheritance, using those funds to help build the house. (Per hand-written notes under a picture of Clanmore, p. 26 in a family copy of "The Robert Coleman Family").

During the War between the States, Union soldiers overran the property and one started a fire on the starway, then left to search for food. Lula extinguished the fire with water. When the soldier returned, he started a second fire, which Lula also extinguished. The house survived. Our family elders have seen the "burned spot".

Lula had many beaux. One, Charles "Charlie" C. Radcliffe, gave her a leather-bound photo album before the War Between the States. The album survived. It is being transcribed in order to share its information.

Charlie C. Radcliffe "was taken a prisoner during that conflict, and made a crucifix in a small bottle and sent (it to) her during his prison confinement". Per hand-written notes by Cleora Clowney Hall in Lula Feaster's Photo Album, she had seen the crucifix-in-a-bottle. We would like to know more about Charlie and his family, and whether the crucifix-in-a-bottle survives today.

Other admirers whose photographs appear in her album are Benson Jones who appears to be a lawyer or businessman in a fine suit in November, 1866; and William S. Brown in a photo from Charlottesville, Virginia which he signed "Affectionately". Virgil Clayton was Lula's last serious beau in the early 1870's, but he was out-competed by the man she would marry.

Virgil P. Clayton became a doctor in Fairfield Co., South Carolina.
Sources: 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Mother: Maria Louisa Rawls b: 6 Sep 1828 d: 13 Jul 1848
Father: Nathan Andrew Feaster b: 8 Oct 1820 d: ABT Sep 1862
Marriage 1   John George Wolling b: 6 Jul 1852 d: 1 Apr 1931
Wedding: 27 Nov 1872 South Carolina
1 John George Wolling b: 25 Sep 1873 Fairfield Co., South Carolina
2 Narcissa Wolling b: 19 Jul 1875 Fairfield Co., South Carolina
3 Emmie Louise Wolling b: 27 Aug 1876 Feasterville, South Carolina
4 James Trezevant Wolling b: 19 Jan 1878 Marlboro Co., South Carolina
5 Feaster Meredith Wolling b: 12 Sep 1882 Feasterville, Fairfield Co., South Carolina
6 William Meador Wolling b: 18 Aug 1884 Fairfield Co., South Carolina
7 Anna May Wolling b: 16 Jul 1886 Feasterville, Fairfield Co., South Carolina
8 Bessie Rawls Wolling b: 19 Jul 1888 Marlboro Co., South Carolina
9 Lula Geiger Wolling b: 19 Oct 1892 Fairfield Co., South Carolina
1 Title: Tombstone
Note: Per inscription on crypt of Maria Louisa Rawls, Lula lost her mother 10 months after birth; see full inscription under entry for Maria Louisa Rawls. Per family records, Lula's father remarried twice before dying in battle at Sharpsburg in Civil War. Her uncle Christopher Columbus Feaster became her guardian. Her grandparents, Benjamin & Susannah Rawls provided for her.
Text: Sacred / to the memory of / Maria Louisa Feaster.... who departed this life.... leaving an infant Daughter 10 months / & 7 days old
2 Title: Tombstone
Note: Graves of Louisa Feaster and husband John G. Wolling are side-by-side in well-marked Wolling plot. Have photo #13123, Oct 2003. Cemetery on south side of Dave Jenkins Rd. (SSR 51) about 100 yards east of intersection with highway 215 northwest of Winnsboro, Fairfield Co., South Carolina. Respectfully maintained by Coleman-Feaster-Mobley Association.
Text: Louisa Feaster / Sept 6, 1847 / Oct 27, 1931
3 Title: Photo of Tombstone
Text: Available at
4 Title: Photograph
Text: Available at
5 Title: Lula Feaster Photo Album
Author: Wolling, Maria Louisa Georgiana Feaster (1847-1931)
Publication: Private family photo album with notations by various generations
Note: Album given to Lula by her old sweetheart Charlie C. Radcliffe.
Note: Much of the information on the life, family connections, and friendships of Lula Feaster is derived from the photos, notes on photos, and marginal notes in this album. The information is being transcribed and photos copied, to aid other researchers.
6 Title: 1850 U.S. Census, Richland Co., South Carolina
Publication: M432_858
Date: 23 Oct 1850
Page: p. 34-b
Note: Maria L. Feaster, age 3, living in home of her great-grandfather, Benjamin Rawls HN572/FN589, in city of Columbia, SC. Her mother had died 2 years before.
Her father, Nathan A. Feaster, age 29, merchant, was living alone in HN333-FN339, also in Columbia. Her mother's father, John Ivy Rawls, lived neraby in HN583/FN600.
Text: HN572/FN589
Name Age Sex Born Occup Value
Benjamin Rawls 78 M Virginia Machinist $2100
Susannah " 79 F SC
Harriet C. " 43 F SC
Thomas J. " 34 M SC Physician
Mary D. " 22 F SC
Benjamin A. " 2 M SC
Maria L. Feaster 3 F SC
[Transcriber CMB]
7 Title: City Directory for Columbia, South Carolina - 1859
Publication: Internet:
Note: Home of family where "Lula" Feaster stayed while attending school in Columbia, SC, according to an entry in diary of Margaret Narcissa Feaster.
Directory also transcribed at: with title "Columbia,South Carolina City & Business Directory for 1859. J.T.Hershman"
Text: Zimmerman, Charles school teacher east side Pickens opposite Washington. House east side Pickens opposite Washington
8 Title: 1860 U.S. Census, Greenville Co., South Carolina
Publication: M653_1220
Date: 16 Sep 1860
Page: p. 463-B
Location: Oil Camp Township, Oil Camp Post Office, north of Greenville, SC. Oil Camp Creek runs below Caeser's Head in the picturesque mountains of northwestern South Carolina.
This is the last census containing Lula's father, Nathan Andrew Feaster, who died during the Civil War. Annette (McClanahan) is Lula's step-mother, Nathan Andrew Feaster's third wife, and Samuel Feaster is their child, Lula's half brother. Emma is dau of Nathan Andrew Feaster's deceased second wife, Emma Brown, and is Lula's half sister.
Text: HN1401/FN1274
Name Age Sex Color Occup Values Born
N. A. Feaster 39 M w Farmer 150/15,000 SC
Annette " 30 F w Housekeeper SC
Maria " 13 F w SC
Emma " 5 F w SC
Samuel " 2 M w SC
[Transcriber CMB]
9 Title: 1870 U.S. Census, Fairfield Co., South Carolina
Publication: M593-1496
Note: Online version with index available:
Transcribed by Ray Beam and proofread by Jo Beam for the USGenWeb Census Project, Copyright 2002 by Ray Beam.
Date: 1 Jul 1870
Page: p. 15-b
Louisa D. Feaster, age 22, in HN 215, with personal estate of $2000, in HN/FN 215 of her uncle Trez D. Feaster in Twp. 1. Lula was fond of Trez' dau, Florence.
Neighbors: Green, Morgan, Williams, Lyles // Shiver, Alex'r Coleman, Washington.
HN/FN 215
Name Age Sex Col Born Occup Real-Val Pers-Val
Trez D. Feaster 45 M w SC Farmer 5,000 4,000
Mary " 32 F w SC Keeping house
Florence " 6 F w SC
Louisa D. " 22 F w SC At home _ 2,000
10 Title: 1880 U.S. Census, Fairfield Co., South Carolina
Publication: Roll T9-1229
Page: p. 31-b
Lula (Feaster) age 30, wife in household with her husband John G. Wolling and family in Twp. 1
Transcriber: LDS (
Name Reln Mar Sex Col Age Occup Born-Fa-Mo
John G. Wolling Self Md M w 28 Farmer SC-SC-SC
Lula " Wife Md F w 30 Keeping House SC-SC-SC
John C. " Son Sgl M w 7 SC-SC-SC
Narsisa " Dau Sgl F w 5 SC-SC-SC
Emma " Dau Sgl F w 3 SC-SC-SC
Tresvant " Son Sgl M w 2 SC-SC-SC
James " Father Md M w 62 SC-SC-SC
Frances " Sister Sgl F w 26 SC-SC-SC
11 Title: 1920 U.S. Census, Fairfield Co., South Carolina
Publication: Roll T625_1695
Date: 12 Jan 1920
Page: p. 20-b
Listed as "Nellie R." Wolling, age 72, in HN372/FN 403 with husband John G. Wolling, one son and his wife, in Winnsboro Twp., E.D. 69. Names of wives may have been switched, misrecorded by census taker.
HN 372/FN 403
Name Reln Sex Color Age Mar Born
Wolling, John G. Head M w 66 Md SC-SC-SC
Occupation: Merchant, Grocery retail, for own account
Wolling, Nellie R. Wife F w 72 Md SC-SC-SC
Wolling, William M. Son M w 33 Md SC-SC-SC
Occupation: Merchant, Grocery retail, for own account
Wolling, Lula G. Dau-in-law F w 26 Md SC-SC-SC
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