Samuel Thomas Clowney

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ID: I20
Last: Clowney
First: Samuel
Middle: Thomas
Birth: 6 Mar 1863 at Winnsboro, Fairfield County, South Carolina 1
Death: 9 Apr 1942 at Winnsboro, Fairfield County, South Carolina 2
Burial: Salem Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Fairfield County, South Carolina 3 4
Sex: M
Notes: Samuel Thomas Clowney was interviewed in the WPA Federal Writers' Project in 1939 under the pseudonym of Sam T. Colin.
Sources: 5 6
Mother: Susannah Elizabeth Yongue b: 25 Oct 1828 d: 10 Dec 1895
Father: Moses Clowney b: 30 Nov 1822 d: 7 Feb 1894
Marriage 1   Emmie Louise Wolling b: 27 Aug 1876 d: 25 Mar 1948
Wedding: 12 Nov 1891 Columbia, South Carolina 7
1 George Moses Clowney b: 30 Jul 1892 Fairfield County, South Carolina
2 James Russel Clowney b: 20 Aug 1894 Fairfield County, South Carolina
3 Samuel Thomas Clowney b: 1 Dec 1896 Fairfield County, South Carolina
4 Meynel Clowney b: 27 Aug 1899 Chester County, South Carolina
5 Cleora Clowney b: 19 Mar 1902 Fairfield County, South Carolina
6 Bessie Frances Clowney b: 29 Apr 1904 Fairfield County, South Carolina
7 Emmie Louise Clowney b: 22 Feb 1915 Fairfield County, South Carolina
1 Repository:
  --Name: Fairfield Historical Society Museum
  --Address: Fairfield Historical Society
P.O. Box 93
Winnsboro SC 29180
Title: Hand written notes by Cleora Clowney Hall
Note: Inverview of Samuel Thomas Clowney (Papa) by his daughter at 1404 College Dr., Columbia, South Carolina.
2 Title: Obituary-online
Text: Available at
3 Title: Tombstone
Note: Tombstone transcribed in notes of Cleora Clowney Hall, kept at Fairfield Co. Historical Society, Winnsboro, SC. Parenthetical notes: Papa. Son of Moses and Susannah Yongue Clowney. A Mason (per symbol on tombstone).
Salem church cemetery is located at Salem Crossroads, west of Winnsboro, Fairfield Co., SC.
Have photo, Oct. 2002.
Wife of Samuel Thomas Clowney, Emmie Louise Wolling, is buried at Antioch Methodist church Cemetery, several miles north of Salem church cemetery.
Text: Samuel Thomas Clowney / March 6, 1863 / April 9, 1942
4 Title: Photo of Tombstone
Text: Available at
5 Title: 1870 U.S. Census, Fairfield Co., South Carolina
Publication: M593-1496
Note: Online version with index available:
Transcribed by Ray Beam and proofread by Jo Beam for the USGenWeb Census Project, Copyright 2002 by Ray Beam.
Date: 27 Jun 1870
Page: p. 3-a
Note: Samuel T. Clowney, 7, in home of his parents Moses and Susanna Clowney in HN/FN39, Twp. 1-Winnsboro P.O. Neighbors include Judy Boyle, William Holmes.

Text: HN/FN39
Name Age Sex Col Born Other Occup Real$,Personal$
Moses Clowney 49 M w Ireland 11,12,19 Farmer 360,1405
Susanna " 40 F w SC 11,12 Keeping house
John S. " 17 M w SC 11
Hester J. " 15 F w SC 11
Margaret R." 13 F w SC 11
Robert Y. " 11M w SC 11
Samuel T. " 7 M w SC 11
Mary E. " 4 F w SC 11
11=Father of foreign birth
12=Mother of foreign birth
19=Male citizen of US 21 and up.
6 Title: 1880 U.S. Census, Fairfield Co., South Carolina
Publication: Roll T9-1229
Page: p. 45-a
Note: Samuel T. Clowney, 17, working on farm of his father Moses Clowney, HN400/ FN402, Township 1, ED.67.
Text: HN400/ FN402
Name Reln Mar Sex Col Age Born-Fa-Mo Occupation
Moses CLOWNEY Self Md M w 59 IRE IRE IRE Farmer
Susan CLOWNEY Wife Md F w 51 SC SC SC Keeping House
Margaret R. CLOWNEY Dau Sgl F w 25 SC IRE SC
Robert Y. CLOWNEY Son Sgl M w 21 SC IRE SC Work On Farm
Samuel T. CLOWNEY Son Sgl M w 17 SC IRE SC Work On Farm
Mary E. CLOWNEY Dau Sgl F w 14 SC IRE SC At School
John S. CLOWNEY Son Md M w 27 SC IRE SC Laborer
Alice J. CLOWNEY DauL Md F w 18 SC SC SC Keeping House
James B. CLOWNEY GSon Sgl M w 1 SC SC SC
Hester J. CLOWNEY GDau Sgl F w 2mo SC SC SC
[Adapted from, LDS]
7 Title: Meynel Clowney Cato Collection
Note: Obituary of Samuel Thomas Clowney - hand written original by Meynel Clowney Cato, and typescript. Other family notes indicate wedding in December
Text: On November 12, 1891, he was married to Miss Emmie Louise Wolling, daughter of John George and Maria Louisa Feaster Wolling, of the Feasterville section of Fairfield county. To this Union were born seven children...

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