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ID: I2
Last: Wolling
First: John
Middle: George
Birth: 6 Jul 1852 at Ocala, Marion County, Florida 1
Death: 1 Apr 1931 at Shelton, Fairfield Co., South Carolina 2
Burial: 3 Apr 1931 Antioch Methodist Church cemetery, Feasterville, Fairfield Co., South Carolina 3 4
Sex: M
Notes: John George Wolling is a direct ancestor of family genealogists Meynel Clowney Cato and Cle Clowney Hall. Various photos, notes, and direct family recollections of John George Wolling, Sr. are in their collections.

He lived much of his adult life in Fairfield County, South Carolina and married the beautiful Maria Louisa "Lula" G. Feaster, in whose album are images of J. G. Wolling and family. He is the father of John George Wolling, Jr. who married Kate Coleman.

His parents, James M. and Frances C. (Merideth) Walling/Wolling lived at various times in the home of J. G. Wolling and his children.
Sources: 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Mother: Frances Catherine Meredith b: ABT 1833 d: AFT 1880
Father: James Marion Wolling b: ABT 1818 d: AFT 1880
Marriage 1   Maria Louisa Feaster b: 6 Sep 1847 d: 27 Oct 1931
Wedding: 27 Nov 1872 South Carolina
1 John George Wolling b: 25 Sep 1873 Fairfield Co., South Carolina
2 Narcissa Wolling b: 19 Jul 1875 Fairfield Co., South Carolina
3 Emmie Louise Wolling b: 27 Aug 1876 Feasterville, South Carolina
4 James Trezevant Wolling b: 19 Jan 1878 Marlboro Co., South Carolina
5 Feaster Meredith Wolling b: 12 Sep 1882 Feasterville, Fairfield Co., South Carolina
6 William Meador Wolling b: 18 Aug 1884 Fairfield Co., South Carolina
7 Anna May Wolling b: 16 Jul 1886 Feasterville, Fairfield Co., South Carolina
8 Bessie Rawls Wolling b: 19 Jul 1888 Marlboro Co., South Carolina
9 Lula Geiger Wolling b: 19 Oct 1892 Fairfield Co., South Carolina
1 Repository:
  --Name: Fairfield Historical Society Museum
  --Address: Fairfield Historical Society
P.O. Box 93
Winnsboro SC 29180
Title: Hand written notes by Cleora Clowney Hall
2 Title: Death Certificate
Date: 1 Apr 1931
Note: Source: South Carolina Archives, Columbia, SC death record index on microfiche, and certificates on microfilm. Have copy.
Biographical sketch of J.G. Wolling indicates he was staying with his son, John G. Wolling Jr., when he died.
Text: Death Certificate, #5948 - South Carolina (1931)
County: Fairfield
Township: [blank]
City of: Shelton
Registration District No. [blank]
Full Name: Mr, John G. Wolling, Sr.
Sex: Male
Color or Race: White
Single, Married, Widowed, or Divorced: Married
(Name of Spouse): M. Louisa Wolling
Date of Birth: {blank]
Age: 78 years, 8 months, [blank] days
Occupation: Merchant
Birthplace: Fla.
Name of Father: James M. Walling
Birthplace of Father: Fla
Maiden name of Mother: Francis Meredith
Birthplace of Mother: Fla.
Informant: J.G. Wolling, Jr.. Shelton, S.C.
Burial...: Fairfield Co., April 3, 1931
Undertaker: J.C. Barron, Chester, S.C.
Filed (Date, Registrar): April 3, 1931, Mr. E.W. Faucette
Date of Death: 4-1-1931
I hereby certify that I attended the deceased from: April 1st, 1931 to April 1st, 1931
I last saw him alive on April 1st, 1931,
death is said to have occurred on the date stated above, at 6:30 p.m.
Cause of Death: Valvular heart burn
Date of onset: Jan 1931
Was disease or injury in any way related to occupation of deceased? No.
Signed: C.A. McLaughlin, M.D., Chester, S.C.
3 Title: Death Certificate
4 Title: Tombstone
Note: Graves of John G. Wolling and wife Louisa Feaster are side-by-side in well-marked Wolling plot. Have photo #1312, Oct 2003. Cemetery on south side of Dave Jenkins Rd. (SSR 51) about 100 yards east of intersection with highway 215 northwest of Winnsboro, Fairfield Co., South Carolina. Respectfully maintained by Coleman-Feaster-Mobley Association.
Text: John G. Wolling / July 6, 1852 / Apr 1, 1931
5 Title: Hand written notes by ECP - miscellaneous
Note: Direct ancestor, husband of Maria Louisa Georgiana "Lula" Feaster whose photo album includes many photos of John George Wolling and his family.
6 Title: Lula Feaster Photo Album
Author: Wolling, Maria Louisa Georgiana Feaster (1847-1931)
Publication: Private family photo album with notations by various generations
Note: Album given to Lula by her old sweetheart Charlie C. Radcliffe.
Note: Lula Feaster had several photos of her husband, John George Wolling, both when young and as an older man, also some photos of his family.
7 Repository:
  --Name: Nancy Jo Ross Smith, personal collection
Title: John George Wolling 1852-1931
Publication: Typescript, circa 1960.
Note: Notes of Cle Clowney Hall indicate she collected much of the information for this document; typescript is same style as that of biographical sketches of various Clowney ancestors.
John George Wolling (originally Walling) was born in Ocala, Florida, July 6, 1852, the son of James William Wolling and Frances Meredith Wolling. His paternal forbears were English having come to America from Wallingsford, England, settling in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and South Carolina. His father served in the U.S. Forces during the Mexican War, enlisting from the State of Florida. Incidentally, thru an error in the enlistment proceedings, his name
was written James William Wolling. He so signed his service vouchers -- thus the name of his branch of Wallings became Wollings. His mother, also English, was the daughter of William Meredith and Louisa Keels Meredith.
When John was five years of age his family moved from Florida to Orangeburg. Here attended private schools until the end of the Civil War -- and then the public schools of Charleston. Later he studied the trade of Machinist at Helena, S.C. On November 27, 1872 John George Wolling married Maria Louisa Georgiana Feaster, daughter of Nathan Andrew and Maria Louisa Rawls Feaster of Feasterville and Columbia respectively. To this Union were born nine children.
John George Wolling, Jr., born Sept. 25, 1873, married Kate Coleman.
Narcissa Feaster Wolling, born July 19, 1875, married Harry David Coleman.
Emmie Louise Wolling, born August 27, 1876, married Samuel Thomas Clowney.
James Trezvant Wolling, born January 19, 1878, single.
William Meadow Wolling, born August 18, 1884, married Ruth Morrison.
Bessie Rawls Wolling, born July 19, 1888, married Joshua Parker Fletcher.
Lula Geiger Wolling, born October 19, 1892, married Robert Galloway Fletcher.
Two other children, Feaster Meredith Wolling, and Anna May Wolling, died in early childhood.
For many years Colonel Wolling, as he was affectionately known, made his home in the Feasterville section of Fairfield County, farming and merchandising and taking a progressive part in the religious, educational, economic, and political life of the county and state.
He was one of the builders of Antioch Methodist Church, which stands today a monument to his dedication and perseverance in securing a religious center for his community. For fifteen years he was chairman of the county board of education and was largely responsible for the building up of one of the finest school districts in South Carolina.
He was instrumental in securing for his neighborhood a post office which bore his name. He served as postmaster until rural routes displaced the office. The first telephone system in that section was constructed and operated under his supervision and ownership.
Mr. Wolling took an active part in the campaign of 1876, was repeatedly elected to county and state conventions and was a delegate to the famous Free Silver National Democratic Convention held in Chicago in 1896. He served his state during three times as representative from Fairfield, 1896-1898, 1900-1902, 1920-1922.
About 1903 or 04, Mr. Wolling and his family moved into Chester County. At Leeds he again carried on extensive farming and merchandising operations. His home and store here were of brick, made in his own kiln from Chester County clay. He also here operated a cotton gin.
Moving to McColl in 1909, Mr. Wolling owned and operated a hotel. After a few years, Mr. and Mrs. Wolling returned to Fairfield making their home in Winnsboro. Here during the crucial days of World War I, Mr. Wolling an eloquent and persuasive speaker, devoted his energies to Liberty Loan Drives as a tribute to his six grandsons in the service.
The last days of his long and fruitful life were spent in the Feasterville section of Fairfield where he passed many happy hours reminiscing with old friends. He died at the home of his son, J. G. Wolling, Jr., April 1, 1931 and was buried at nearby Antioch Cemetery.
In his passing the state and county lost a noble son, acquaintances from statesmen to plantation darky a genial and generous friend and relatives a kinsman, loveable, kind and irreplaceable.
8 Title: 1870 U.S. Census, Newberry Co., South Carolina
Publication: M593_1504
Page: p. 660-B
Note: WAS John Wolling counted TWICE in 1870 US Census?
- John Wolling age 18, born in Florida (no occupation listed) in HN/FN 438 of (James) J.O. Meredith, age 35, born in Georgia (uncle? or cousin?), who worked as superintendant on railroad.
- Also see 1870 census in Charleston, SC p. 401-B with John Wolling age 18, apprentice, in home of his parents.
9 Title: 1870 U.S. Census, Charleston Co., South Carolina
Publication: M593_1487
Date: 22 Jul 1870
Page: p. 401-B
Note: WAS John Wolling counted TWICE in 1870 US Census?
- John Wolling, age 18, in home of his parents James Wolling and Frances Catherine Meredith in Ward 5, Charleston Post Office, Charleston, SC.
- Also see 1870 census in Newberry, SC p. 660-B with John Wolling age 18, in HN/FN 438 of (James) J.O. Meredith age 35 b. GA, superintendant on RR (note surname same as Wolling's mother, Frances C. Meredith).
Name Age Sex Col Occup Born
James Wolling 52 M w Conductor-RR SC Married
Frances " 37 F w SC Married
James W. " 19 M w SC Attended school
John " 18 M w Apprentice SC Attended school
Frances " 15 F w SC Attended school
Florence " 13 F w SC Attended school
Courtney " 11 M w SC Attended school
Stephenan " 8 F w SC Attended school
Lilly " 6 F w SC
William " 2 M w SC
[Transcriber CMB]
10 Title: 1880 U.S. Census, Fairfield Co., South Carolina
Publication: Roll T9-1229
Page: p. 31-b
John G. and Lula Wolling with his family and his father James Wolling and sister Frances Wolling in Twp. 1.
Neighbors: Crowder, McLane, Miller, Henry, Mabry//Johnson, Shelton, Legg.
Transcriber: LDS (
Name Reln Mar Sex Col Age Occup Born-Fa-Mo
John G. Wolling Self Md M w 28 Farmer SC-SC-SC
Lula " Wife Md F w 30 Keeping House SC-SC-SC
John C. " Son Sgl M w 7 SC-SC-SC
Narsisa " Dau Sgl F w 5 SC-SC-SC
Emma " Dau Sgl F w 3 SC-SC-SC
Tresvant " Son Sgl M w 2 SC-SC-SC
James " Father Md M w 62 SC-SC-SC
Frances " Sister Sgl F w 26 SC-SC-SC
11 Title: 1920 U.S. Census, Fairfield Co., South Carolina
Publication: Roll T625_1695
Date: 12 Jan 1920
Page: p. 20-b
John G. Wolling, age 66, in HN 372/FN 403, with wife, one son and his wife, in Winnsboro Twp., E.D. 69. Names of wives may have been switched.
HN 372/FN 403
Name Reln Sex Color Age Mar Born
Wolling, John G. Head M w 66 Md SC-SC-SC
Occupation: Merchant, Grocery retail, for own account
Wolling, Nellie R. Wife F w 72 Md SC-SC-SC
Wolling, William M. Son M w 33 Md SC-SC-SC
Occupation: Merchant, Grocery retail, for own account
Wolling, Lula G. Dau-in-law F w 26 Md SC-SC-SC
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