Photo: Clowney Kids: George Moses, Samuel Thomas, James Russel, and Meynel.

The Clowney Kids.

Top: George Moses Clowney
Left: Little Sam Clowney
Right: James Russel ("Russ") Clowney.
Center: Meynel Clowney

Notice that Litte Sam is wearing a kilt.

Note: I remember, as a child, asking my grandmother, Meynel Clowney Cato, why so many of the old pictures showed the boys wearing dresses.

She said in those days it was very common. The Irish ancestory may have been a factor as well.

It may have been more economical too, growing boys could wear a dress or kilt for a longer period than they could pants. (I doubt the boys were dressed this way all the time, this was probably formal portraits).

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