Photo: Mary "Marie" Boozer

Mary 'Marie' Boozer

Back of Marie Boozer photograph.

Source: Lula Feaster Album
Medium: Silver Albumin Carte de Visite
Studio: Brady, New York
Printed: [on Front] Brady New York
[on back] Brady's National Photographic Portrait Galleries,
Broadway & Tenth Street,
New York &
No. 352 Pennsylvania Av. Washington D.C.
[on front] Mary Boozer

Mary Boozer was the daughter of Amelia Boozer, a reputed northern sympathizer who lived in South Carolina during the Civil War and evacuated Columbia with the Union troops in 1865. Her full given name is listed by some researchers as "Mary Sarah Amelia", which agrees with the listing for her in the 1850 U.S. Census in the village of Newberry, South Carolina: M.S.A. Boozer, female, age 3.

A studio picture of Mary Boozer (carte de visite, CDV) by the Brady photographic studio was included in the Civil War era photo album of Maria Louisa "Lula" Georgiana Feaster of Fairfield Co., South Carolina. Amelia and Mary Boozer were also mentioned in the Civil War diaries of Mary Chestnut and Margaret Narcissa Feaster.
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