Photo: Trezevant DeGraffenried Feaster

Trezevant D. Feaster

Source: Lula Feaster Album
Medium: Silver Albumin Carte de Visite
[on back] T D Feaster
Feasterville SC
Album Notes:
Trez Feaster
Brother of great grandfather Nathan Andrew Feaster
Cousin Florence Feaster's father


Trezevant DeGraffenried Feaster (b. 1826), also known as T.D. or Trez Feaster, was Lula Feaster's uncle and the youngest male child of Andrew and Mary Drucilla Norris Feaster of Fairfield Co., South Carolina. He continued to live near the old family homestead even when his parents and siblings moved away after the Civil War. (1)

The Robert Coleman Family history (2) shows that he married three times: 1st Julia Collins, 2nd Mary Cubbison (mother of Florence Feaster who was mentioned in Lula Feaster's photo album), 3rd Martha D. McConnell. The Rev. D.B. Clayton officiated at the third wedding (3).

In 1859 before the Civil War, Trez Feaster was a partner in a grocery at 194 Richardson St. in downtown Columbia with his brother, Jacob N. Feaster. Trez lived on Lady St. between Lincoln and Gadsden streets. (4)

By 1870 Trez Feaster was living in Winnsboro (Twp. 1) with 2nd wife Mary, daughter Florence, and Lula apparently lived with them. By 1880, Trez Feaster was a widowed grocer in Township 13 in western Fairfield Co. (5), while his 16-year-old daughter Florence Feaster lived in Columbia with her maternal grandmother, Margaret Cubbison, and Lula had married John G. Wolling and had her own family.

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