Photo: Moses Clowney

Moses Clowney
Moses Clowney in what may have been an old uniform.

Close up of Moses Clowney's eyes.

Some of the emulsion had been rubbed off this image, allowing me to see the black felt behind the glass. Notice the missing detail on the right side of the coat.

The cheeks had been hand painted.

It apperars that Moses had grey or blue eyes. See the enlargement below.

On the inside of the cover to this ambertype, under the felt, was a note by my grandmother, Meynel Clowney Cato, which says:

Moses Clowney / Son of John Clowney / who emigrated to / America from County / Down Ireland / when he, Moses, was about / 18 yrs. old -- he was born / in 1820 in Ireland / Papa's (Samuel Thomas /Clowney) father.

I will scan the note at a later date and add it to this page (jlp)
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