Photo: Benjamin "Bennie" Andrew Rawls.

Bennie Rawls.

Bennie Rawls (back of picture)

Source: Lula Feaster Album
Medium: Silver Albumin Carte de Visite
Studio: Bogardus, New York
Printed: Bogardus Photographer 363 Broadway cor Franklin St. New York
My darling Bennie
May 17th, 1869
Album Notes:
Bennie Rawls Son of great great Aunt Drucilla and great great great Uncle Thomas Rawls - - his parents on opposite page.
See p. 91 in Mobley book. See his son on last page of book as boy, later as Dr. Reginald Rawls

[Note: latter comment was negated by marginal notes on previous page].


Benjamin A. "Bennie" Rawls may have seemed more like a brother than a cousin to Lula Feaster. Lula was 3 and Bennie was 2 in 1850 when they both lived in Columbia, South Carolina in the household of Lula's maternal great-grandfather, Benjamin Rawls.

Notes in Lula's photo album suggest that there was some confusion in later generations about Bennie Rawls' son, Dr. Reginald Rawls. Living descendants of Bennie's line have not yet been located.

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