Photo: Julia Ann Feaster Coleman.

Julia Ann Feaster Coleman.

Julia Feaster Coleman (back of picture)

Source: Lula Feaster Album
Medium: Silver Albumin Carte de Visite
Studio: W.A. Reckling, South Carolina
Printed: W.A. Reckling, Artist, No. 110 1/2 Main Street, Columbia, S.C
Album Notes:
Aunt Julia Feaster Coleman.
Sister to great grand father Nathan Andrew Feaster. Sister also to Drucilla Feaster Rawls on opposite page.


Julia Ann Feaster Coleman (1835-1920) is described by Ederington (1): "Julia, the fourth daughter [of Andrew Feaster and Mary Drucilla Norris] married Robert H. Coleman who died at Augusta, Georgia, during the late war. Mrs. Coleman now lives in Florida."

Julia Feaster appears as head of her household in Brevard, Florida in the 1880 census. (2) A researcher describes her life:

"After the death of her husband Julia moved, with her two sons to Florida. She lived at LaGrange, Florida, in Brevard County. Julia's home was a center of culture and refinement. She had the only piano in that part of a wild country. She taught the first Sunday School on Indian River, and weddings were frequently held at her house. On her frequent visits to Feasterville, she told of the Indians about her home, and of the wild animals, such as panthers" (3).

According to notes on the photo of Julia's sister, Drucilla Feaster Rawls, both of them were buried in a plot in La Grange, which is part of modern-day Titusville, Florida.

Hand-written notes in Lula's photo album which refer to "Aunt Drucie" and "Aunt Julia Feaster Coleman" appear to have been written by Lula Feaster herself. These notations helped us to distinguish between Lula's handwriting and that of others who later owned and wrote notes in the album.


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