Photo: John George Wolling Jr.

John G. Wolling Jr.

Source: Lula Feaster Album
Medium: Silver Albumin Carte de Visite
Studio: A. Mcintosh
Printed: A. Mcintosh Hickory N.C.
J. G. Wolling Jr.
Album Notes:
John G. Wolling Jr.
Mothers brother

Handwritten Notes:

John G. Wolling, Jr.
Mother's brother


John G. Wolling, Jr. was the first child of J.G. Wolling and Maria Louisa "Lula" Georgiana Feaster Wolling. Born into the entrepreneurial spirit of the Feaster and Wolling families, he soon entered the family mercantile business which sustained his family over 30 years (1 ,2,3). He and his wife had 6 children.

His granddaughter Peggy shares these memories:
"My grandfather was John George Wolling Jr, my grandmother was Kate Coleman Wolling...

My family visited our grandmother at Shelton many times in the early to late 1930's...

We never knew our Grandfather as he died when we were quite young. We spent many summer days playing in the road in front of the old house they lived in which has since been torn down, as the land now is a [national forest].....

My Grandfather ran a Bank and General store in Shelton. Both... went out of business during the depression. We spent many happy days swinging in the front porch swing there and playing on the hills around the old home. At this time there were a working train depot and two general stores, one on each side of the railroad tracks. One was run by a Mr. Shelton whom we called uncle Shelt and the one on the other side of the tracks was the post office as well as a store..." (4)

" just a name on the map now... the train station is gone, both the stores are gone. My grandfather's store and bank building are gone. They were empty buildings back when I visited there as my grandfather lost them both when the price of cotton fell through the
floor in the early 1920s. The house and all the outbuildings were gone, all that remained was the chimney." (5)

As the eldest surviving son, John G. Wolling, Jr. served as informant for his father's Death Certificate in April, 1931. His wife Kate outlived him.


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