Photo: Cleora Clowney, Bessie Frances Clowney, and Meynel Clowney

Cleora, Bessie Frances, and Meynel Clowney.

Meynel Clowney water color.

Sisters Cleora Clowney Hall (left) and Meynel Clowney Cato (right) were avid genealogists, and provided the core information on which this site is based. Their notes are sprinkled with references to friends and cousins with whom they visited cemeteries and shared the enthusiastic pursuit of ancestors: "Cousin" Lizzie Clowney Coleman, Etta Rosson, Benton Beam, and many others.

The family photographs, books, abundant notes, and other items collected by the two sisters were passed to my Mother E. W. Cato Pinson) who continued and advanced the research on Revolutionary War ancestors, and eventually to me.

The baby in the center is Bessie Frances Clowney, AKA as WeeBie (Wee Baby).

The photo of the three sisters was the model for the water color of my Grandmother, Meynel Clowney.

Throughout her life, my Grandmother kept the red coral necklace seen in the water color.
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