Photo: LeVander Jackson Jordan and Mary Frances Abigail Threatt

LeVander Jackson Jordan

Tie Details.
Details of tie.

Artist Signature.
Artist signature.

LeVander Jackson Jordan (with frame).

LeVander Jackson Jordan age 34.
As beekeepers, we were very pleased to see this image of Levander at age 34 standing beside jars of honey.

Photograph provided by Frank Joyner.

LeVander Jackson Jordan and Mary Frances Abigail Threatt.
An older Levander and his first wife, Mary Frances Abigail Threatt.

Photograph provided by Frank Joyner

Thanks to Emma Lee Jordan for allowing me to photograph this image and post it on the web.

This appears to be a painting, or painting of a photograph.

The material is fabric, mounted in an oval frame with convex Glass cover (and very difficult to photograph I might add).

Thanks also to Frank Joyner for providing the additional photographs of Levander and Mary Frances Abigail Threatt.

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