Tombstone: William Joseph Young-Sarah Angeline Elizabeth Hammond

Name: William Joseph Young Spouse: Sarah Angeline Hammond
Born: 10 May 1833
Died: 1 Jul 1921
Born: 4 Jan 1832
Died:  5 Jun 1901
Burial location: Hanging Rock Methodist Church Cemetery, Lancaster Co., South Carolina  Burial location: Hanging Rock Methodist Church Cemetery, Lancaster Co., South Carolina 
William J.
May 10, 1833
June 30, 1921

Sarah A. E.
Jan. 4, 1832
June 5, 1901

In labor and in love allied
in death they here sleep side by side

Resting in peace the aged twain
Til Christ shall call them up again.
William Joseph Young-Sarah Angeline Elizabeth Hammond.

The distinctive tombstone of William Joseph Young and his wife Sarah Angeline E. Young lies next to Hanging Rock Methodist Church (est. 1792), very near the Young's homesite about 4 miles southeast of Kershaw, Lancaster Co., South Carolina.

William Joseph Young was superintendant of Sunday school at the church for some 25 years. This may explain why the burial was so close to the church.

The beautifully carved symbols encapsulate their lives. For William Joseph Young, a Masonic square and compass, and a garland of ivy symbolizing faithfulness and immortality. For Angeline, a rose for perfection and achievement, and an oak branch for her strength, with a very prominent acorn to honor her fertility. The carved urn with flowers and ivy garland reflects the Young's immortality through the "flowering" of their family. Together they raised 9 children to maturity.

Throughout his life, William Joseph Young was known for his firm character and kindness. He served for 4 years during the Civil War and was wounded. He left behind a large descendency including some 50 grandchildren and 60 great-grandchildren.

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